song of virgo


Having relocated to Peru to prepare for the birth of their twins and be closer to their kin, life is stressful enough for wolf-shifter couple, Taylor and Julian. But when their newborn daughter vanishes from her crib, they’ll do anything to bring her home.

As a clan leader is suspected of magical malfeasance, the couple must return to a world of symbols, incantations, and curses that they thought they’d left behind.

Taylor never wanted much to do with witchcraft, but now she must depend on her birthright to save baby Luna. Once she dusts off her magical tome of the Coven Daughters lineage, though, a spell with a mind of its own infiltrates her thoughts just as Julian begins to have a series of baffling precognitions and dreams.

While simultaneously fighting to keep their strained love alive, Taylor and Julian embark on a mission to wrest little Luna from the clutches of a shadowy occult group. But the deeper they dive into magic’s dark waters, the less they understand. Will Taylor and Julian solve the magical puzzle and save their daughter—or will getting too close to the darkest secrets of the Coven Daughters system spell their demise?


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