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Hello! Today, I’m excited to share with you my review of Jess Hardy’s fabulous Love in the Time of Wormholes, out now with Mystic Owl Press. Ms. Hardy is an author who has turned me into a fan of sci-fi romance with her delightfully witty, tender, and oh-so-steamy take on interstellar love. Perfect for anyone who loves the idea of Star Trek meets sexiness!

About the Book:

On this deep space pleasure cruise, love is in the recycled air.

Sunastara Jeka is passionate about two things: (1) meeting the needs of the varied species who holiday aboard her interstellar pleasure cruise during the day, and (2) avoiding attachments when the occasional guest meets her needs at night.

Sunny’s life is simple, straightforward, and safe until a former one-night stand becomes her newest crew member.

Freddie has never forgotten that night with Sunny. He’s ecstatic to see her again, until she tells him she never dates her coworkers. Determined not to lose this confident, sexy, hysterical woman again, Freddie bides his time, pursuing a purely professional relationship with Sunny when they’re on the clock, while he slowly charms her senseless after hours.

As Sunny breaks her own rules about workplace romance, her tragic past and a heartbreaking betrayal thrust her orderly life into chaos.

When a hostile species holidays aboard the ship, endangering VIP guests and even the known universe, Sunny and Freddie must decide. Will they let the gravity of their pasts keep them apart, or risk it all for love and fight for their future together?

Content Warning: Prior to the events of this book, the main character lost a child. She continues to process this loss throughout this story.

Stars: 5/5

Kat’s Review!

Love in the Time of Wormholes is a total delight that’s perfect for readers who enjoy sci-fi romance that handles the sci-fi elements with a lighter touch. This treat of a story swaps jargon and tech-heavy subplots for an atmosphere that enhances the primary romance with a whimsical flair sure to stimulate the imagination with its interstellar setting rich with possibility. The characters are lovable and interesting, especially the leads, who bring a believable and charming love story of equal parts heat, heart, and tension. I was rooting for Sunny and Freddie the entire time and enjoyed being part of their journey. Add vivid descriptions, immersive world-building, and effervescent humor and we have an unforgettable story by Ms. Hardy.

Publisher: City Owl Press: Mystic Owl (September 9, 2021)
Publication Date: September 9, 2021
Language: English
Print Length: 240 pages
Genre: Scifi/Space Romance/Second Chance Romance/Office Romance
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Praise for Jess K. Hardy’s Love in The Time of Wormholes:
“LOVE IN THE TIME OF WORMHOLES is the perfect blend of clever humor, hotter-than-hot romance, and alien antics! Hardy has delivered a phenomenal read that is quite literally out of this world. Find yourself laughing, crying, and honestly kinda horny through this sci-fi romcom.” -Cate Pearce, author of Traitors of the Black Crown

“Love in the Time of Wormholes is a delightful, fast-paced, and warm-hearted rom-com set on an interstellar pleasure craft. Hardy weaves a dramatic socio-political backstory as we cheer for Sunny’s happy ending with Freddie, a spunky one-night stand that returns as a crew member… A great sci-fi rom-com with funny and unique characters and an engaging story.” – Readers’ Favorite
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About the Author:
Speculative and contemporary romance writer of The Bench (Evernight Publishing), Missing Charlie (Black Rose Writing), and the forthcoming Love in the Time of Wormholes scifi-romcom from City Owl press.
Find her on social media or on her website at:
Represented by Kim Lionetti at BookEnds Literary Agency.

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