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When I heard that Courtney Maguire was releasing another book in her Youkai Bloodlines series, I was delighted! I adored Bloodlaced and was enthralled by Maguire’s unique talent for weaving together lush setting and complex characterization. Blood Pact, the second installment in this series does not disappoint! The sequel packs as much of a punch as the first with complicated and fascinating characters in a spellbinding world, balancing a dark paranormal romance plot line with unforgettable mythology. Fans of fantasy and paranormal romance will not want to miss this one! And isn’t this cover breathtaking?

Starred Rating: 5/5

About the Book:
In Hiro’s world, youkai are a supernatural story used to scare children into obedience, and to keep men out of back alleys and brothels. Until Sakurai Hideyoshi walks through his door with a fantastical tale of a samurai who had killed a thousand men and drank the blood of his enemies, a man that lived in darkness but sought beauty to keep it at bay.A story both terrifying and romantic…and completely ridiculous.Unless it is true.Convinced something softer lurks behind Hideyoshi’s hard mask, Hiro follows him home. And discovers the story is real.Only instead of the blood of his enemies, it is innocent blood taken.Hideyoshi tells him never to return. Yet after Hiro’s mother is mortally wounded, Hiro runs back to the one being he knows with the power to save her. When Hideyoshi can’t, Hiro begs him for the next best thing: the power to avenge her.As Hiro becomes youkai, he faces a new threat, something darker, older, and far more dangerous. With Hideyoshi at his side, Hiro must decide what he’s willing to sacrifice–and what he’s willing to do–to protect this new life before he loses everything for a second time.If you like Bella Forrest, P. C. Cast, AJ Tipton, or Anne Rice, you will love this beautiful dark paranormal fantasy romance.

Publisher: City Owl Press (May 4, 2021)
Releases on: May 4, 2021
Genre: LGBTQIA Dark Historical ParanormalRomance
Language: English
ISBN: 9781648980831

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Love the Youkai Bloodlines Series? Keep an eye out for Blood Bound, coming in Spring 2022.
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Courtney Maguire is a University of Texas graduate from Corpus Christi, Texas.
Drawn to Austin by a voracious appetite for music, she spent most of her young adult life in dark, divey venues nursing a love for the sublimely weird. A self-proclaimed fangirl with a press pass, she combined her love of music and writing as the primary contributor for Japanese music and culture blog, Project: Lixx, interviewing Japanese rock and roll icons and providing live event coverage for appearances across the country.
Her first novel, WOUNDED MARTYR, is a 2019 RWA® Golden Heart® Finalist in the Contemporary Romance: Short Category.

You can find her on social media: FacebookTwitter or at

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